Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Fun in The Eug

What a great weekend. It all started with a little Thai food on Friday night at Tararin.

Then it was off to the Meet Your Maker Craft Fair at the Last Friday Art Walk in Whiteaker.

Olive really loved the Mariachi band across the street.

On Saturday was the pig roast!

I'm an aspiring foodie, so I try and be a brave adventurous carnivore. But I couldn't kill an animal so I feel a little hypocritical eating them. The pig roast really brings you closer to it though, and I have to say I've never seen food celebrated or anticipated in quite the same way. It was also delicious.

Olive got a little snacky while we waited.

Some took off their shirts to just add to the carnal atmosphere.

On Sunday after a few hours playing at the park we went to the food cart competition at Ninkasi.

It was packed! I had a really delicious chicken wrap from a cart called Simplicity. They're normally on 6th and Lincoln Monday through Friday from 11-3.


  1. Hey! Whitaker Station...that's where Arcimoto is..and the dream that is PRI, of course...did Kim have her stuff? Cute pics of you guys and lil ms. olive. :)

  2. Um, I think you should just make an entire blog about your cute baby. She is freaking adorable.

  3. I love [ gastronomically platonic ] the roasted pig!
    Reminds me of the fiestas (growing up) on Guam!
    Did you also hear the bells ring at St. John's?!