Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of Summer Wrap-up Part 1

Every year my Mom, her husband Max, Kim, and I go down to Ashland and see some plays. It's been a tradition in our family for a really long time, and we all really cherish it. This was Olive's first year. Ashland is a fantastic town, and on the short list of places I'd move to. In the unlikely event I'd leave Eugene that is.

This year was Olive's first year going so we found a small rental house that would be comfortable for a whole family. It was only about 6 or 7 blocks from downtown Ashland, so it was still easy to walk everywhere. An easily walkable town ranks high in my book. My folks watched Olive while we went to some plays, and we did the same for them so they could catch some themselves.

This year we saw 3 plays and they were all pretty fantastic. We saw a brilliant update of Hamlet, American Night - an hilarious examination of the immigration issue, and She Loves Me which is the original musical the classic film The Shop Around the Corner and the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film You've Got Mail is based on. Very romantic and fun in a classic film sort of way.

Here's my mom and Olive and I with the cute hipster hat I picked out for Olive.

And here is Olive and I at Lithia Park.

The Eugene Celebration was early this year and it seemed to have been a good move with big crowds and the weather holding. I had grand ideas of seeing some bands but ended up turning into a pumpkin too early to catch most of them. Ah, fatherhood. Well, at least we got to eat some delicious street food!

The family in the downtown crowds.

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