Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some New Music and the Whiteaker Block Party

Here are some videos of some new music I've been enjoying lately. Thanks Youtube, Sub Pop, and Brassland. Jaill is in town on August 21st with the Hold Steady. I know I've been saying that show is the 22nd. Sorry. Either way, I'm out of town. Weak.

Also, this weekend was the 4th annual Whiteaker Block Party. We had a really great time - had an Eddo Burger for the first time (oh, why didn't I get a picture?). The cart is located next to Tiny's Tavern on Blair. So good I can't believe it didn't have any meat in it! One of the coolest things going on in Eugene right now is an explosion of food carts and several great ones were at the Party.

Olive got into the spirit.

We also caught a little bit of Sea Bell's set at the Party. I think they're one of the better local bands around right now. Kim said they looked like the cast of Hair, and they sort of sound like the cast of Hair. But in a good way? Did I just say that? Anyway, they're fun to watch live. They'll be playing live at the store later in October.

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